Colour-in Paradise Earring Blog 7: Fiji Crested Iguana

Number seven in the Colour-in Paradise earring collection  is the stunningly beautiful and critically endangered Fiji creste

Colour-in Paradise Blog 6: Pink-Billed ParrotFinch

I LOVE pink – billed parrot finches! They are beautiful, brightly coloured quirky birds with a large glossy pink beak.

Blog 2 – Colour in Paradise Collection: International Day of the Forest- Sunset Soga and Soga earrings

Here is Number 2 in the Colour-in Paradise collection, presenting ‘Sunset Soga’to celebrate International Day of t

Blog 5 Colour-in Paradise: Beautiful Barn Owl Lulu plus Pattern for Lulu Earrings

    LULU THE BEAUTIFUL BARNOWL                    My model Lulu , currently on display at the Discovery Ce

Blog: Colour-in Paradise 4- Many coloured Fruit dove earrings, coloured in picture and information

For the fourth blog post in the series, I have chosen page 4 of Colour-in Paradise, doves. The  golden dove (Buneko in Fijia

Blog page 3- Colour-in Paradise no. 3: Fiji petrel earrings and beautiful Asena Volavola from Gau

Featuring the critically endangered Fiji petrel and beautiful Asena Volavola (both from Gau island), this is the third in a se

Blog – Colour-in Paradise 1: Parrots:-Colouring in, Earring designs and Lusia from Gau

Meet the very charming and beautiful Lusia Vakanawa who very kindly agreed to model the first of my earring designs from the C

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