Anniemal Puppets


It is often more tricky to make a realistic talking puppet than a model. But it is always worth it as NOONE can resist the power of a puppet!

Charismatic Anniemal puppets with personality include: Joji goby and friends (Ridge to Reef Project WCS, Fiji ) , a life-sized grey seal (still resident at the Scottish Seabird Centre), crested tern, rhino, yellow-eyed penguin, dodo, turtle, eco crow, eco dog, a turtle, assorted fantasy bula birds, and Donna the Dugong, recently employed by VESS in Vanuatu.


Anne’s engaging puppets capture the imagination of both adults and children alike. Her life-sized seal puppet and gannet are hugely popular with visitors at the Scottish Seabird Centre.’ Tom Brock CEO

‘When I saw Anne’s puppets, I was knocked out. She manages to pull together the most unlikely materials and turn them into astonishing creations.’ Simon Parsons, award-winning film-maker,writer, producer and ex-head of BBC Children’s TV Scotland.

Anne can transform the most ordinary items into incredible creatures that entertain and excite audiences of all ages. These unique life-sized puppets really capture children’s imagination and brighten up any event or workshop. The puppets are brilliant examples of recycling.’ Anna Pugh , Visitor experience Manager, RSPB Scotland.