About Anniemalsartist

I combine my passion for wildlife and  recycled fabrics by creating  the most amazing awareness-raising, attention-grabbing, unique charismatic, realistic Anniemals : hand-stitched and painted models, puppets and costumes (from locally sourced recycled fabrics) to make a difference to conservation.

My background in ecology, teaching and delivering outreach as schools communicator for the Scottish Seabird Centre and Our Dynamic Earth allowed me to develop valuable skills and techniques,making creatures to steal the hearts and attention of  audiences of all ages and realise the potential power of Anniemals!

My time is currently divided between Scotland, and Fiji, where I volunteer for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, delivering workshops to develop alternative livelihoods and raise awareness of Fiji’s amazing wildlife.

I love sourcing fabrics from local second hand/charity shops. I am a very tactile person, constantly developing new ideas and techniques, which is absorbing, thrilling and takes over my life (with apologies and thanks to my husband, Mark!) My art is from the heart, I fall in love with every creature that I make.

Anniemal models include: an extinct life-sized Fijian crocodile, giant megapode, iguana and giant pigeon (currently on loan to the National Trust Fiji at Sigatoka Sand Dunes, hawksbill turtles, a barn owl, Colin the cassowary (currently working in the Wet Tropics), Spoony the spoon-billed sandpiper (currently in Asia working to raise awareness of flyways),assorted parrots (all over the globe), a rat, mongoose and invasive iguana, an albatross, and a fairy tern which helped win a court case to prevent a car-park from being built on a beach in New Zealand.


‘Beautiful, vivacious and energetic Anne. She brings her animals to life in the same way. Children can’t help but admire the beauty, feel the energy, and love these amazing animals.’ Elizabeth Erasito, Director National Trust Fiji.

‘Astonishing, individual and made with love.’  Sara Harkins Ceative Director, Childrens TV Scotland



‘If anyone wants to know what a numbat looks like, they just need to look at Anne’s model’, John and Lisa, Lions Dryandra Village