Blog 5 Colour-in Paradise: Beautiful Barn Owl Lulu plus Pattern for Lulu Earrings



My model Lulu , currently on display at the Discovery Centre at Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Fiji
  In Fiji, the Barn owl is known as Lulu. We are lucky enough to hear them shriek as they over our garden during the evening, sometimes, as they hunt for prey. Barn owls first arrived in Fiji many years  ago. Analysis of ancient owl pellets  found by archaeologist Trevor Worthy in the Voli Voli Caves show when rats and mice first found their way to Fiji as stowaways on board crafts.
After making life sized barn owl drawings from different angles, I made the life-sized model above using masi ( beautiful Fijian bark cloth) stitched onto a wire armature which I then covered with thin foam, sculpted with my hands to the right shape before stitching on masi . I used recycled fur fabric for the face and made the eyes from recycled silk fabric. my favourite part, painting with acrylic paint. Lulu is currently on display at the discovery centre at Sigatoka Sand Dunes ( National Trust of Fiji ), one of my favourite places on the planet.


             Coloured -in Illustration from Colour-in Paradise                My Lulu puppet made from recycled fabrics

Now in New Zealand with a family

                                                                                                                         – so difficult to part with but she is well-loved  !


These are my favourite earrings from the Colour-in -Paradise collection. I love the shape. I have included a photo of the template but lots of painting with a fine brush is needed to bring them to life. Masi is such wonderful fabric to work with. After painting with acrylics, it is easy to tweak and shape beak and wings for a 3D effect. I have brought template with me to Scotland and will be making some with fellow barn owl loving daughter and artist, Cathy (fellow artist/ collaborator of Colour-in Paradise)


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