Blog 2 – Colour in Paradise Collection: International Day of the Forest- Sunset Soga and Soga earrings

Here is Number 2 in the Colour-in Paradise collection, presenting ‘Sunset Soga’to celebrate International Day of the Forest here in Fiji.



I had great fun today colouring in the sago palm image I created for NatureFiji-MareqetiViti for the Colour-in -Paradise colouring book for ages 10-110 (produced with my amazing talented daughter,Cathy) and designing a pair of soga (pronounced songa) earrings made from lovely local masi (bark cloth). If you would like to make a pair, feel free to use my template. Recyled fabric strengthened with pva glue is a reasonable substitute for masi.

Looking for a local model to wear earrings for photo to add to this post.
For more information about the endangered Fiji sago palm check out the link to the NatureFiji website :



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