Blog: Colour-in Paradise 4- Many coloured Fruit dove earrings, coloured in picture and information

For the fourth blog post in the series, I have chosen page 4 of Colour-in Paradise, doves. The  golden dove (Buneko in Fijian) is on the left of my illustration, and the many coloured fruit dove (Kuluvoto in Fijian) on the right. Both are really beautiful but I chose the Buneko for the earrings because of its colours. I have been lucky enough to see and hear both species.

The many-coloured fruit dove is a small dove, 23 cm in length. The male many-coloured fruit dove is mostly pale yellow-white with a red crown and red bar across the back. The female has a red crown but is mostly green, darker on the back and greyer on the head and breast. Both birds in my illustration are males. Here is o photo of my life-sized model Kuluvoto, made from a recycled fleece and painted with acrylics.

Many coloured fruit dove occurs on islands in the south-west Pacific Ocean and is found in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Found in  lowland forests, it usually feeds high in the canopy on fruit and berries. It especially LOVES to eat figs.





  1. Cut 2 bodies and 2 of each wing.    2. Reverse one of bodies so they face each other.     3. Attach wings by stitching along green dashes. I used masi (Fijian bark cloth) and am hoping that the earrings will be made locally for awareness-raising and local empowerment. If you don’t have access to masi, you can stiffen cotton fabric with pva glue.

Paint with acrylic paints for best results the attach earring findings

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