Blog page 3- Colour-in Paradise no. 3: Fiji petrel earrings and beautiful Asena Volavola from Gau

Featuring the critically endangered Fiji petrel and beautiful Asena Volavola (both from Gau island), this is the third in a series of 20 posts, each featuring a page/species  from Colour-in Paradise, plus photos of a pair of masi earrings with a template to make your own!  Thank you beautiful student and  Vou dancer, Zena for taking time to model the earrings and share your story!


Zena (Asena ) Volavola is from Navukailagi, Gau, the Fijian island which is home to Fiji petrel, one of the rarest birds on the planet. Asena is one of the few people who have been lucky enough to see one. She told me that she and a friend once  saw  one some years ago, early one morning on their way to Secondary school. She remembers that it seemed to be carrying a squid in its beak and was flying towards the mountain.

There is an old  nursery rhyme about Kacau ni Gau (Fiji petrel) on Gau.

Sometimes Fiji petrels crash land in the village having been attracted by the lights. When Dick Watling, founder of NatureFiji-Mareqetiviti was a young researcher, one crash-landed on his head!

Fiji petrels nest in burrows. Feral cats are a huge threat to chicks. Gau local Galo and Tar, a special dog trained in New Zealand to find Fiji petrels are still searching for nest sites. For more information, follow the link below.


To make Fiji petrel earrings, stitch all around the petrel’s head and body to tail with pale thread. Fold wings up as shown then stitch underside from tail to beak. Paint with acrylic paints if possible. I added small beads for eyes but they are not necessary. I attached jewellery findings on back between wings. Have fun!

Please feel free to post photos of finished earrings on my Anniemalsartist Facebook page I am hoping that they will soon be made on Gau and for sale to visitors to Fiji.



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