Blog – Colour-in Paradise 1: Parrots:-Colouring in, Earring designs and Lusia from Gau

Meet the very charming and beautiful Lusia Vakanawa who very kindly agreed to model the first of my earring designs from the Colour-in Paradise series

I finished the design and made the first 2 pairs of masked shining parrot earrings last weekend. They are made from Fijian masi (bark- cloth) which is wonderful to work with, and painted with acrylic paint, finished with acrylic varnish.

The illustration is from Colour-in Paradise which my daughter, Cathy and I produced and funded (through Indiegogo) to raise awareness of Fiji’s amazing wildlife and raise funds for NatureFiji- MareqetiViti, Fiji’s only local (and awesome) conservation organisation.

The parrot is one of Cathy’s designs and I LOVED colouring it in! There are 20 illustrations to colour -in in Colour-in Paradise. I chose the parrot to be first in the earring collection as I couldn’t wait to colour-in Cathy’s amazing design and also LOVE parrots.
Lusia comes from Lamiti Village on beautiful Gau Island. The parrot is the totem of Lamiti Village. Gau is home to red shining parrots but Lusia is happy to wear the masked shining parrot earrings to stay true to Colour-in paradise.

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